micro cloud



Micro cloud is an experimental cloud making apparatus.

Through the process of air stratification the apparatus makes it possible to manipulate microparticles of water. Together they form complex dynamic shapes. The machine is one of many yet to come devices created to explore features and applications of particles of material. During the ongoing research they will be considered as modules that together can take a certain shape.

The machine is assembled with different electrical components put together on a steel base and controlled from an operating panel. Each has a function in the process of creating air with different properties used to generate a unique environment where particles of water can be trapped between layers of air. This gives sufficient control over how they will behave, thus producing a micro cloud.

 Aiming on creating particle systems that can be used as tools to compose tiny pieces of material into materialized objects the installation is a symbolization for an Utopian vision on how to generate objects. Since water can take different states around room temperature it is used as the material to experiment with the idea to shape microparticles.

apparatus | micro cloud

size(mm)| 600(l)*600(w)*1800(h)

materials | steel, aluminum, rubber, polycarbonate, polyester, polyamide, vinyl tubing and latex rubber tubing, glass, wood and electrics

process | air stratification

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