A.S Table

A.S Table 2015


The A.S Table is a piece of furniture built with the modular structural resin injection system A.S Nodus.

The system enables to combine various kinds of materials in a simple way. The table is composed of a lightweight structure that combines a silvery-white aluminum which is durable, light and ductile with the stiff and strong properties of steel. Together they form the supporting framework for the laminated extra clear glass table top. 

The work emphasizes construction and function using basic shapes, homogeneous/ pure materials and modularity in a composition of repitition, layering, scale and asymmetry. Although predetermined parameters/ rules are used it is possible to intuitively create complex structures.

structure | A.S Table

size(mm)| 1000*1000*780(h)

materials | steel, aluminum, glass, rubber, polyurethane resin and foam

system | A.S Nodus

process | A.S

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